Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The Master Black Belt has an overview of all Six Sigma activities in the company, is the link between "Belts" and management and ideally reports directly to the management.

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt......

  • trains management in the Six Sigma methodology,
  • trains Green Belts and Black Belts
  • supports the Green Belts and Black Belts as a coach in project implementation,
  • actively spreads the Six Sigma methodology throughout the company,
  • is actively involved in the selection and definition of projects,
  • has an overview of all Six Sigma projects,
  • is involved in defining the Six Sigma goals,
  • works exclusively on Six Sigma issues.


The education is designed to teach the 3 essential competencies of a Master Black Belt:

  • Project – Competence                         (Implementing projects successfully)
  • Coaching – Competence                     (Developing trainee skills by helping them to help themselves)
  • Tool- and Trainings – Competence   (Possess knowledge and convey it convincingly)



The basis is the participation in the Six Sigma training for Green Belts and Black Belts with subsequent:

  • Certification as a Six Sigma Green Belt.
    (Prerequisite: completion of a successful Six Sigma project).
  • Certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt.
    (Prerequisite: completion of at least one further Six Sigma project)
  • Implementation of at least one further complex project ("master project")


Coaching of the assigned Green Belts and Black Belts in direct constant contact with

  • the project leaders, their champions and, if necessary, with the project teams,
  • with content-related project support and
  • supporting deadline monitoring.

Successful completion of

  • 10 supervised Green Belt prjects
  • 5 supervised Black Belt prjects

Tool- und Trainings – Competence:

  • Accompanying Green Belt and Black Belt trainings as co-trainer
  • Gradual adoption of individual and finally presentation of all training modules
  • Deepening of tool competence through participation in Black Belt supplementary training
  • Advanced Training