Vision & Mission

Triggers for our business activities

  • Constantly increasing demand for process improvements in all sectors of the economy
  • Ever faster innovation cycles
  • Lack of availability of new technologies and capacities
  • Unavailability of process designers to solve the issues mentioned in a sustainable way
  • Increasing competition also in the health sector
  • Increasing need for further training measures for reintegration into the workplace
  • The "contradiction": company success and customer satisfaction

Vision & Mission 

Six Sigma TC GmbH was born out of the subjective perception that the need for process improvement is increasing rather than decreasing in all sectors of the economy. Reasons for this include ever faster product innovation cycles, the availability of new technologies and materials and process designers who are not available for them.The problem often intensifies when product development and product creation processes often interact too late in a coordinated and preventive manner.

The vision of Six Sigma TC GmbH is to build up the necessary capabilities among its customers for the continuous improvement of customer business processes. With an optimally coordinated service package, their existing know-how, their attractiveness on the market and their presence there should be able to be significantly increased. The service package of Six Sigma TC GmbH is itself to be continuously improved in a market-oriented manner.
One of the most important goals for Six Sigma TC GmbH is to promote the competitiveness of our customers and partners through services that are individually tailored to their needs or to secure their jobs or support their reintegration through targeted competence and know-how building. This goal is to be achieved, on the one hand, through proven solutions to today's requirements, and, on the other hand, through innovation and commitment in the development of new ideas and the realisation of creative concepts. In addition to sustainable, noticeable relief in some areas, our clients can also achieve direct economic benefits.

All employees use their entire know-how, their innovative strength and their commitment in the sense of the corporate philosophy in order to establish Six Sigma TC GmbH as an innovator and visionary with the highest level of expertise in the operational business of our customers.


  • Achieve customer satisfaction and an excellent reputation through the transfer of always up-to-date methodological knowledge from Six Sigma TC GmbH to our customers.
  • Always demonstrate reliability, punctuality, excellent quality of our services and friendliness.
  • Constantly improving and expanding our range of products and services. This is based on very broad TC experience in industry, hospitals, insurance companies, banks and other sectors.