Six Sigma Champion

Champions take the operational lead in the Six Sigma roll-out and are role models and promoters of the Six Sigma methodology within the Six Sigma organisation.

The Six Sigma Champion ......

  • take responsibility for project selection, execution, implementation and ensuring success.
  • assigns the team to carry out the Six Sigma project.
  • provides the necessary resources; eliminates "blocking points”.
  • ensures the systematic application of the Six Sigma methodology and a structured approach to the project.
  • conducts regular project reviews.
  • reports results to the upper management.
  • advises and supports the Green Belts and Black Belts.
  • takes part in a 2-day Six Sigma Champion training course.
  • is usually a member of the respective management team.
  • is the person with the greatest interest in solving the problem.
  • generates project ideas for the project pipeline.
  • asks good and new questions.
  • not only requires his staff to use Six Sigma tools, but also uses them himself.