Multi-project management

Focus on all Six Sigma projects!

When using several Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts, several process improvement projects automatically run in parallel. It is important to ensure that no project topic is neglected, that resources are distributed sensibly and that projects are prioritised in the overall context of the company.

Multi-project management for Six Sigma projects means:

  • Focus on a project pipeline that clearly shows priority, objectives, resource requirements and time expenditure.
  • Controlling of all ongoing projects in terms of milestones, adherence to deadlines and costs.
  • Clear allocation of the most important resources.
  • Clear communication channels from the project manager to the managing director.
  • Cross-project regular communication for continuous know-how transfer.
  • "Standard work" with regard to project documentation and cross-departmental communication.
  • Establishment of comprehensible key figures that illustrate project successes.
  • Project closure including lessons learnt for the company and dissolution of the project team.
  • Constructive feedback to the project manager and project team.