What are Six Sigma projects?

Project selection is one of the keys to a successful Six Sigma program.
The return on investment is only possible through successful projects.
Six Sigma project managers have a very high quality education and a lot of experience in project work! Therefore, use your valuable resources only for really high quality and important projects!


The questions listed in the figure are intended to clarify in which cases the Six Sigma approach appears to be suitable.


The following are possible sources for meaningful project selection:

Breaking down the company strategy into specific projects

Identification of customer needs, striving for customer satisfaction

Reduction of waste in all areas

Identification of defect costs, reduction of scrap and rework

Benchmarking, market and competition analysis

In all cases it is necessary to clarify

  • Which measurable goal is to be achieved exactly at the end of the project.
  • What measurable success value has the achievement of the goal.

Characteristics of successful projects:

  • Objective of improvement was achieved sustainably.
  • Time schedule has been met.
  • No significant change in project scope during the course of the project.
  • Project costs on target.
  • Minimal interference with the process flow.
  • Official project conclusion incl. communication of "lessons learned"