Six Sigma Black Belt

The Black Belt takes on more complex projects and supports Green Belts in their project plans by applying further statistical tools. He is thus an important generator and multiplier in terms of corporate success!

The Six Sigma Black Belt......

  • is a project manager and leads teams in the application of the Six Sigma method for problem solving, especially for difficult issues,
  • is a "cultural" and technical "change agent" for Six Sigma,
  • disseminates methodological knowledge within the project team,
  • supports the organisation on request in solving other problems through broad application of the method,
  • coaches and supports Green and Yellow Belts
  • challenges conventional approaches through successful application of the new method.


Selection of the Black Belt candidates

The selection of Green Belt candidates is a decisive factor for the success of the Six Sigma method in the company. It is recommended to consider the following criteria:

1. Skills / Knowledge

  • Knowledge of processes, products and organisation
  • Methodical / analytical way of thinking
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good PC application skills
  • Has already shown success in his area of responsibility
  • Is appreciated by employees and superiors

2. Attitude / Orientation

  • Customer-oriented
  • Open-minded towards new things
  • Eager to learn
  • Gets to the bottom of the matter
  • Future-oriented, wants to bring about change
  • Motivated, independent
  • Assertive and Team Player