Design for Six Sigma Training (DFSS)

Duration 3 days

The Design for Six Sigma training is primarily aimed at those involved in development and serves the goal-oriented development of products and processes. The training covers the following focal points:
- Recording of all customer requirements
- Identification and concentration on quality-critical features
- Shorter and plannable development times
- Linking creative solution finding with structured concept selection.
- Development of innovative, reliable and economical products and processes.

Participants receive a detailed basic knowledge of the fundamental orientation of Design for Six Sigma as well as comprehensive methodological knowledge for the application of tools for the customer- and process-oriented development of products and processes.

Training contents

  1. Design for Six Sigma
    - overview
  2. The project mission
  3. Stakeholder-Analysis
  4. SIPOC
  5. Voice of the Customer (VOC)
    - VOC-Plan
    - Kano-Modell
    - CTQ - driver tree
    - practical implementation
  6. Quality Function Deployment  (QFD)
    - House of Quality
    - Implementation of a QFD
  7. Design Scorecard
  8. Solution finding, Creativity techniques
    - Different creativity techniques and their application
  9. Concept selection, solution selection, Pugh Matrix
  10. TRIZ
    - Fields of application, essential
  11. Statistical tolerancing
  12. Robust Design, simulation
  13. Poka Yoke
  14. Solution risks and implementation

Dates and detailed information for the Design for Six Sigma Training
are available on request.

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