Six Sigma implementation

We accompany you from the first project to independent implementation!

When introducing Six Sigma, there are a few points to consider in order to continuously and purposefully implement the right activities at the right time. Rarely has it worked to launch Six Sigma "overnight". Six Sigma is much more a medium to long-term approach to sustainably improve processes and procedures and thus also products in your company.

It should be borne in mind that in every organisation there are forces that drive change and forces that prevent change. Normally, these forces are in balance. To bring about change, the driving forces must be strengthened and the blocking forces reduced!

According to Lewin's model, this change can be implemented within the framework of a company-specific change management project.


Recommended steps to implement Six Sigma:

  • Define the objective for your company: What is to be achieved with Six Sigma?
  • Goal-oriented elaboration of a Six Sigma master plan incl. concrete measurable milestones.
  • Training of the management.
  • Selection of suitable employees for training as Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt.
  • Design of project selection and generation of a project pipeline.
  • Training of staff in all necessary Six Sigma levels.
  • Project implementation and multi-project management.
  • Establishment of appropriate Six Sigma rule communication.
  • Anchoring the Six Sigma roles in the existing company organisation.
  • Training of internal Six Sigma coaches and Six Sigma experts.
  • Continuous support up to the independent internal Six Sigma organisation.